Courses Schedule 2018

Weekdays ( Monday – Friday)

Courses Schedule April-December 2018
No Team Duration
1 First Term 14 May- 11 June
2 Second Term 25June-23 July
3 Third Term 30 July – 4 September
4 Fourth Term 10 September -8October
5 Fifth Term 15 October- 13 November
6 Sixth Term 19 November -17 December
7 Seventh Term 24 December-23 January 2019

Weekend ( Saturday – Sunday)

Courses Schedule April-December 2018
No Team Duration
1 First Term 19 May – 7 July
2 Second Term 14 July -26 August
3 Third Term 1 September – 13 October
4 Fourth Term 20 October- 1 December
5 Fifth Term 8 December -19 January 2019

Student Affairs


Dear English Castle Students,

Today you are embarking on the journey towards an important goal in your education and practical life which is to acquire English language skills, which will certainly increase your opportunities and improve your career prospects for brighter and more promising future.

In this guide, we aim to highlight the most important rules and regulations related to the registration and admissions policies at your leading educational institution “English Castle”.

First: Admission and Registration Policies

  • The level of the student is determined through a placement exam, for a fee of 35 TL.
  • If a student has no prior experience with the language, he/she can enroll in the first level of the language program and does not need to take a placement exam.
  • The student has to submit a copy of their identity card or passport, fill out the registration form and sign it.
  • The student has to pay the course fees in full upon registration.

Second: Entry and Attendance Policies

  • The course begins at the time given to the student at registration and the student should be in class five minutes before the start of class.
  • If the student loses their ID card, the student is entitled to request a replacement ID card with a fee of 30 TL.
  • Tardiness to classes are recorded and the minutes of tardiness will be considered in the final evaluation of the student’s performance in the course.
  • The student is considered to be late after 20 minutes from the start of the class and an absence of half a day is counted.
  • The percentage of absenteeism should not exceed 25% of the course time. If a student’s absenteeism exceeds 25% of the course time, the certificate will be denied, and if the absenteeism time exceeds 40%, the student will not be allowed to take the final exam.
  • The student is required to make the mobile phone silent during the class.
  • The student should be professionally committed to good conduct and respect the discipline of the institute. The entry of the Institute implies the acceptance of rules and regulation of “English Castle”.
  • If a student suspends the study for three courses in a row, he must retake the placement exam.

Third: Examination and Results Policies

  • The Student passes the course only if he/she scores 70% or more in the final evaluation of the course.
  • The student cannot move to the next level without attending and passing the final exam of the previous course.
  • If the student is absent from the final exam, the cost of rescheduling a make-up for the final exam will be 50 TL.
  • The student can request to retake the final exam with a fee of 50 TL.
  • The student has the right to file a grievance on the grade he/she received in the course only once.
  • Students’ results will be announced on the day after the final exam.
  • The student can receive a certificate of completion of either a level or the diploma in full.

Fourth: Withdrawal and suspension:

  • Suspension: The student has the right to suspend the registration no later than the first day of the course with a fee of 50 TL.
  • Withdrawal: The student has the right to withdraw from the course no later than the first day of the course and receive a refund of 60% of the fees.
  • Change of the course time: The student has the right to change the course time no later than the first day of the course and according to the available classes with a fee of 30 TL.
  • Transfer of course fees to another student: The student has the right to transfer the tuition fees to another student by the first day of the course with a fee of 50 TL.
  • Any special offers will be withdrawn from the student if he/she suspends for two or more consecutive courses.
  • All previous requests will not be accepted after two days of the start of the course.