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English Castle offers the well-known textbook “English File” in its series. English File , a dynamic 7-level course for English communication, sets a new standard using an authentic language. It develops confident, culturally fluent English speakers who can successfully navigate the social, travel, and business situations that they will encounter in their lives. The main goal of English File is to prepare students to understand spoken and written English and to express themselves confidently, accurately, and fluently through:

  •  Multiple exposures to the English language.
  •  Numerous opportunities to practice it.
  •  Deliberate and intensive recycling.

It is the best choice worldwide for a fun and engaging course with the widest range of student and teacher support materials.


At the Starter level, begin grasping the fundamentals of the language and confidently step into learning English.
At the Beginner level we support and motivate our students with interesting topics and texts.
At this stage, students will master fundamental grammar rules, expand their vocabulary, and enhance their communication skills.
This level signifies a stage where students move beyond basic language proficiency and delve into more complex linguistic structures.
The Intermediate level is often a milestone for students. At this point, students begin to ‘take off’ in terms of their ability to communicate.
At this level, lessons are fun, interesting, and we try to use what you know to help you learn faster.
When students reach an advanced level of English, they are, by definition, successful learners and they typically feel positive about the language and their classes.

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Course schedule

Term Number Starting Date Finishing Date Week Off
71 05/27/2024 06/27/2024 July 1st - 5th
72 07/08/2024 08/01/2024 Aug 5th - 9th
73 08/12/2024 09/05/2024 Sep 9th - 13th
74 09/16/2024 10/10/2024 Oct 14th - 18th
75 10/21/2024 11/14/2024 Nov 18th - 22nd
76 11/25/2024 12/19/2024 Dec 23rd - 27th
77 12/30/2024 01/23/2025 Jan 27th - 31st 2025

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