TKT Test (Teaching Knowledge Test)

The Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) is a test of the skills you need to be successful in teaching English to speakers of other languages. It aims to increase teachers’ confidence and enhance job prospects by focusing on the core teaching knowledge needed by teachers of the primary, secondary or adult learner.

Who is TKT for?

TKT gives teachers a strong foundation in the core areas of teaching knowledge needed in the English language teaching classroom. It is ideal for all teachers, whatever your background and teaching experience, and is also suitable for people who would like to teach English but do not yet have a teaching position. There are no formal entry requirements.

What does TKT involve?

TKT has three core modules. These can be taken together in one exam session or separately, in any order, over three sessions. Each module consists of a test of 80 objective questions, lasting 80 minutes.

Module 1

  • Language and background to language learning and teaching
  • Describing language and language skills.
  • Background to language learning and language teaching.

Module 2

  • Planning lessons and use of resources for language teaching
  • Planning and preparing a lesson or sequence of lessons.
  • Selection and use of resources and materials.

Module 3

  • Managing the teaching and learning process.
  • Teachers’ and learners’ language in the classroom.
  • Classroom management.