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Pronunciation Skills

//Pronunciation Skills
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Project Description

Elementary Level

  • Consonant overview
  • Word endings: plurals and present tense.
  • Word endings: past tense.
  • Consonant groups.
  • Strong stress and secondary stress in words.
  • Weak syllables in words.
  • Stress in compound nouns and numbers.
  • Strong words and weak words in sentences.
  • Contractions.
  • Rising and falling intonation.

Intermediate Level

  • Beginning and final consonants.
  • Past tense endings.
  • Beginning consonant clusters.
  • Final consonant clusters.
  • Stress in words overview.
  • Stressed syllables; vowel length; vowel reduction.
  • Parts of speech; suffixes; numbers.
  • Compound nouns; noun-verb pairs.
  • Content and function words; thought groups.
  • Highlighting important words.
  • Reduced words.
  • Contractions and reductions of verbs.
  • Rhythm patterns of prepositions.
  • Rising and falling intonations.
  • Other uses of intonations.

Advanced Level

  • Beginning and final consonants; joining final consonants.
  • Beginning consonant clusters.
  • Final consonant clusters; joining final consonants.
  • Syllables and stress in words overview.
  • Primary and secondary stress ; unstressed syllables; movable stress.
  • Predicting stress; parts of speech and suffixes.
  • Stressed and unstressed words.
  • Highlighting.
  • Thought groups.
  • Rhythm patterns and personal pronouns.
  • Rhythm patterns: articles.
  • Rhythm patterns: prepositional phrases.
  • Rhythm patterns: phrasal verbs.
  • Contractions and reductions of verbs.
  • Final intonation patterns.
  • Listing intonation; rising intonation on question words.
  • Contrastive stress; non final intonation.