English Castle is an international English language learning school with locations in Turkey. The English programs at English Castle provide high-quality of English instruction to students seeking to improve their English proficiency and attain their academic, professional, social and/or personal goals. The Turkish branch is located in the heart of Istanbul which is home to some of the most wonderful architecture, ancient history, and most friendly people in the world creating an ideal destination to learn English. Napoleon Bonaparte is believed to have said: “If the world were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.”

As highly creative institute with qualified native-speaker teachers, we are constantly exploring new ways to inspire learning. Our committed team of teachers is native English speakers who possess the qualifications in teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Students’ progress is strictly monitored at English Castle through an entrance and exit exam, weekly progress tests, regular tutorials with your teacher, and end of course exam. Whether you’re improving your English for education, business or pleasure, we are committed to using the best possible teaching methods to help you develop your language skills and knowledge.

English Castle is committed to providing quality English language and other education programs in accordance with the needs of the student, not just teaching English to students, but also opening them to opportunities, creating a student-focused, professional and international learning environment.


  • Professionalism
  • Credibility
  • Earnest
  • Development
  • Inspiration

Our Mission

English Castle’s mission is to offer result-oriented high-quality English instruction to students seeking to improve their linguistic proficiency to a culturally diverse student community. Our program offers a positive and enriching experience that builds students’ knowledge, awareness, and critical thinking skills, empowering them to succeed and become leaders in global, English-speaking environments.

Our Vision

The vision of English Castle is to promote itself as a diverse institution of English learning, to continually improve and develop quality English programs, to enhance teaching and staff performance in an academic environment that encourages participation, leadership, and collaboration.

Why Choose us?

  • English Castle maintains a highly effective English language curriculum to meet the English proficiency assessment standards.
  • Acquire and maintain a dedicated team of qualified native English instructors to ensure the delivery of quality instruction.
  • Provide current and innovative resources and materials related to English language development, assessment tools, and advanced learning.
  • We provide English learning constancy and continuity from basic to advanced levels.
  • We offer international tests that enable student join any local or international institutes and universities.
  • Maintain a learning environment conducive to progressive learning.
  • We create supplementary activities that enrich learning and practice aspects.
  • We provide supplementary courses that can bridge learning gaps.
  • We are concerned with individual attention and friendly student support.
  • We provide a wide range of courses and program options to suit your needs throughout the year.
  • A comprehensive assessment system is applied and observed during the course.