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What is my level of English?

How can I improve my English?

Do you ask yourself these questions?

English Castle has great news for you!

English Castle offers Pearson English Placement Test for free.

Pearson English Placement is an easy, online, fully automated test of English. It is an adaptive language test, with instant scores calculated through CEFR (AI-C2) and GSE (10-90). Developed by the team who created PTE Academic – trusted by governments and universities around the world – Pearson English Placement delivers results you can trust.

As an adaptive test, Pearson English Placement accurately measures students from beginner to advanced. It uses a complex algorithm to analyze each learner’s answers and determine which questions they should be shown next.

This allows Placement to fine-tune questions to the correct level, allowing a very accurate measure of English proficiency.It tests the student’s skills in speaking, writing, reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary, and the results demonstrate an overall score as well as an individual skills profile showing the student’s strengths and weaknesses in all language skills and areas. It also uses a variety of questions to give students the best chance of showcasing their English skills.

On the same day of the placement test, you have a chance to win a free course.

You can call 4440009 to take a free test ticket from our headquarters in Magdekwe

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